Students may choose to be covered for accidents and illnesses through:

The current University-sponsored plan is described in the 2013-2014 plan brochures linked below. The 2013-2014 brochures will be available in early June. The plan will be fully compliant with federal regulation mandates and will offer preventative care. We urge you to carefully read the brochure and compare with what your other coverage provides.

* Note Graduate, Teaching and Research Assistants must choose between two different Anthem plans They are not automatically charged or enrolled in a plan. Additional information can be obtained by contacting University of Connecticut Human Resources at (860) 486-0400 or click on the following link to be directed to the web site http://www.hr.uconn.edu/benefits/infogrd2.html.

If you wish to decline the university plan because you have other comparable coverage, you must waive it via the Health Insurance Waiver in the PeopleSoft Financial system. Because employers may change the benefits/plans they offer their employees, you must complete a waiver at the start of each school year, even if you completed one the previous year. To waive, simply log into your PeopleSoft account at http://www.studentadmin.uconn.edu, and click on "Self Service" then on "Student Center". Scroll down to the Finances section of the Student Center and click on "Student Permissions". The UConn Student Permissions page displays. Click the "Health Insurance Waiver" line, this will display the waiver form on your screen. Complete the form by filling in the data fields. A confirmation page will be displayed when the waiver processes. It is recommended that you print a copy of this confirmation page and retain it for your records.

Your other, alternative insurance coverage must meet or exceed the Aetna Student Health plan to be considered "comparable". The plan must:

It is strongly suggested that a review of your alternative coverage be conducted to determine payable benefits, by your carrier, for services performed at our facility. Many carriers have specific reimbursement rules related to out of area care or care rendered by out of network providers. In addition, many plans have high deductibles that may need to be met before any services will be considered payable.

A tutorial that demonstrates how to complete the waiver can be found at http://www.peoplesofthelp.uconn.edu/student/st34cs90.html

The on-line waiver is only available from June 1 until September 15 for the fall semester. Students for whom Spring will be their first semester at UConn must waive by February 5.

There are charges for specific services including lab tests, x-rays, physical therapy, certain special procedures, annual gynecological exams, certain clinic services and pharmacy purchases.

Student Health Services is a participating provider with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Connecticut, (affiliated with Blue Cross Blue Shield organizations nationwide), HealthNet, Aetna Student Health, Aetna and Cigna. Student Health Services will bill directly to these plans for all chargeable services to members for whom insurance information is on file at time of service. The Student Health Services Pharmacy participates in a wide network of prescription medication billing programs. Your Insurance Card or coverage information must be presented each time prescriptions are filled. If an HMO or PPO presently covers you, your plan may not provide coverage outside the plans area for other than Emergency Services, and you may be required to return home to be covered for primary care services. You should carefully review your current plans coverage as it applies to students when they are away from the area serviced by the HMO/PPO. HMO and PPO plans frequently have coverage age limits which are waived or modified for full time students. Check with your plan to make sure they have your correct status. Students are responsible for the completion of claim forms and the submission of bills when covered by other private insurance carriers. All services other than those for which claims are filed with Blue Cross Blue Shield, HealthNet, Aetna Student Health and Tricare, or paid at time of service, are charged to students fee bills.